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One of our core objectives at Free Knowledge Africa is to promote free and open knowledge in Africa through advocacy. And that is why we decided to launch our podcast; FKA PODCAST. The podcast takes you on a captivating journey through the world of accessible education and knowledge empowerment on the African continent. Join us as we explore the inspiring stories and transformative initiatives of Free Knowledge Africa (FKA). In each episode, we sit down with FKA’s visionary founders, dedicated team members, and inspiring beneficiaries to unravel the organization’s profound impact. Discover the driving force behind FKA.

In this podcast, a series of conversations about “Digitizing African Heritage Collections for Open Access”,  “Advocacy and Public Engagement for Open GLAM”, and “Open Licensing and GLAM in Africa, Collaborating for Open GLAM Impact” were extensively discussed.

For our debut episode, the Co-founders of Free Knowledge Africa shared the journey of FKA, their experiences on how they got into the open movement, and the highs and the lows the organization have faced.

In other upcoming episodes, we discussed the transformative power of digitization in preserving and sharing cultural heritage, the challenges and how digitization can make our African heritage globally accessible for generations to come, and the need for cultural institutions in Africa to embrace open glam.

We also shared our experience of Open GLAM advocacy carried out in Plateau State, Organizations in Africa and Nigeria that use CC licenses and how Open licensing can curb some of the challenges of copyright and intellectual property issues in Africa.

In the last episode, we shared examples of institutions that have opened up their collection across the world and how GLAM institutions can partner with the open movement, and also identified collaborative partnership opportunities between GLAM Institutions and the Open movement.

Join us on each episode as we explore the intersection of digitization,  open GLAM and open licensing, unlocking a world of possibilities and preserving  Africa’s cultural heritage.

The podcast is available on Spotify and YouTube.

Visit: to listen to all episodes!

Episode 7 on Spotify
Episode 7 on YouTube
Episode 6 on Spotify
Episode 6 on YouTube
Episode 5 on Spotify
Episode 5 on YouTube
Episode 4 on Spotify
Episode 4 on YouTube
Episode 3 on Spotify
Episode 3 on YouTube
Episode 2 on Spotify
Episode 2 on YouTube
Episode 1 on Spotify
Episode 1 on YouTube

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