About Us

Free Knowledge Africa is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote free and open knowledge by Africans, in travel, sports, tourism, geography, and cultural heritage towards sharing and contributing to global knowledge.


  • To promote the use and contributions to Wikimedia projects by Africans.
  • To increase the reach of Wikimedia as it pertains to gaps in African travel, geographic information, sports, cultural and tourist sites.
  • To partner with Cultural Heritage Institutions and Organizations involved in African culture, travel and tourism towards showcasing its resources.
  • To generate and promote free knowledge about African culture, travel and tourism.
  • To educate and encourage African photographers to contribute to the Commons.
  • Providing a space for people who are/will engage(d) in Wikimedia to collaborate on projects, discuss strategies, and socialize with each other.

The Team

Isaac Oloruntimilehin

Isaac Oloruntimilehin is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Free Knowledge Africa (FKA). With a strong background in leading the Wikimedia Club at the University of Ilorin, Isaac is a dedicated member of the Wikimedia Movement and the Creative Commons Global Network. He is a passionate advocate for open access to information, digital cultural heritage, and the utilization of works in the public domain and under open licenses. Isaac’s exceptional project management skills and effective communication make him a driving force behind FKA’s initiatives. He is also an environmentalist and a prominent advocate of the Public Domain and Open Knowledge, working tirelessly to foster knowledge accessibility and sharing.

Alaafiabami Oladipupo

Alaafiabami Oladipupo, a Quantity Surveyor by profession, serves as the Co-Founder and Director of Education and Research at Free Knowledge Africa (FKA). As a committed member of the Wikimedia Movement in Nigeria and the Creative Commons Global Network, Alaafiabami is deeply passionate about Digital Cultural Heritage and Open Licensing. In recognition of his dedication, he was appointed as the 2021 HACK4OPENGLAM Regional Ambassador for Sub-Saharan Africa. He advocates vigorously for the Public Domain, Open Knowledge, Open Science, Open Governance, and Open Education. Alaafiabami’s multifaceted contributions significantly enrich FKA’s educational and research initiatives.

Bolaji Alabi

Bolaji Alabi serves as the Director of Programmes at Free Knowledge Africa (FKA) and is a proficient Android developer. Beyond her technical skills, Bolaji is a staunch advocate for women’s rights and Open Knowledge. Her dedication extends to volunteering as a contributor to various Wikimedia projects during her free time. Bolaji plays a pivotal role in shaping FKA’s programmatic activities, emphasizing inclusivity, and driving knowledge accessibility. Her commitment to both open access and women’s empowerment reflects FKA’s ethos of fostering positive change through education and information sharing.

Olubusola Afolabi

Olubusola Afolabi is a dedicated GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) Associate at Free Knowledge Africa (FKA) and a seasoned professional librarian. With a fervent passion for open access to information and the digitization of works in the public domain and under open licenses, Olubusola is at the forefront of preserving and sharing knowledge. Her remarkable project management skills, combined with excellent communication abilities, have made her an invaluable asset to FKA. As a committed Wikimedian and Open Knowledge Advocate, she actively contributes to expanding access to valuable resources.

Godstime Elijah

Godstime Elijah is the Logistics Manager at Free Knowledge Africa (FKA) and a fervent advocate for sustainable development. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional project management skills, Godstime ensures the seamless execution of FKA’s initiatives. As a committed Wikimedian and Open Knowledge advocate, he works tirelessly to bridge gaps in access to information. His dedication to open knowledge aligns with FKA’s mission, and he plays a vital role in advancing the organization’s goals while contributing to a more informed and connected world.

Hope Onuh

Hope Onuh, currently an undergraduate student at the University of Ilorin, serves as the Communications Associate at Free Knowledge Africa (FKA). With an unwavering commitment to telling Africa’s diverse and rich stories to the world, Hope is a passionate advocate for open knowledge. As a Wikimedian, she actively contributes to making information more accessible to a global audience. Her enthusiasm for open access and knowledge sharing drives her work at FKA, where she plays a pivotal role in amplifying the organization’s mission and impact.

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