Help Preserve Our Past: Join the Effort to Identify and Document Public Domain Works in Nigeria

The Public Domain is a treasure trove of knowledge and culture. It contains works that are no longer protected by copyright law. Read more on the Public Domain here. These works are freely available to the public. Unfortunately, many of these works are not readily accessible to the public, and their cultural significance is at risk of being lost forever. That’s why we need a public domain documentation project.

Free Knowledge Africa has taken up the responsibility to undergo a public domain documentation project. This project aims to identify and document works that have fallen into the public domain in Nigeria and create a comprehensive database of these works in Nigeria.

Benefits of Documenting Public Domain Works

Documenting public domain works brings several benefits that contribute to the preservation, accessibility, and enrichment of our cultural heritage. The first of its numerous benefits is that it ensures that valuable cultural artifacts, literature, art, and historical records are safeguarded for future generations and are made accessible to a wider audience. This would allow researchers, students, and enthusiasts to study, analyze, and learn from these works.

Documenting these works would facilitate cultural exchange. It allows individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore and gain insights from different artistic, literary, and historical traditions. This can inspire creativity, innovation, and new interpretations.

In addition, documenting these works could also foster knowledge-sharing, community engagement, and the development of open cultural projects that benefit society at large. This is because it often involves collaborative efforts, encouraging libraries, museums, and cultural institutions to work together.

Lastly, Legal certainty is established by clearly identifying works that are no longer subject to copyright restrictions. This awareness benefits creators, researchers, and users who can confidently utilize and build upon public domain materials without legal limitations.

In summary, documenting public domain works holds immense value in terms of cultural preservation, accessibility, education, research, and collaborative efforts. It contributes to a more open and inclusive cultural landscape, promoting the free exchange of ideas and fostering a deeper understanding of our shared human history.

Call to Action

Let’s work together to create a more open and inclusive world of knowledge and culture. This is a call to action for Librarians, Curators, Archivists, and other professionals and organizations dedicated to preserving information and knowledge. As custodians of knowledge, you play a crucial role in preserving our cultural heritage. Countless works have fallen into the public domain but have not yet been identified and documented. This means that these valuable resources are not readily available to the public. Their cultural significance is at risk of being lost forever.

We are calling on you to help us identify and document public domain works in your libraries and institutions. By doing so, you will be making a significant contribution to the preservation of our cultural heritage, and ensuring that these works are accessible to everyone. This way, these valuable resources are not lost to history. We urge you to take action and join us in this important endeavour.

Fill out this Google Form below if you are interested in joining us in this exciting initiative. We will reach out to you shortly. 

Thank you for your continued dedication to preserving our cultural heritage, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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