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Public domain

Librarians and the Public Domain

Introduction Librarians play an important role in information management and dissemination in Nigeria. Access to materials in the public domain is an important aspect of their work. The term “public domain” refers to works that are not copyrighted and are thus freely available for use. Librarians in Nigeria are required to ensure that their users …

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Report on the Afrosports Symposium Webinar

On Saturday, 18th of February 2023, Free Knowledge Africa organized an Afrosports Symposium Webinar. It was themed ‘The role of Open-Source platforms (Wikipedia) as it relates to the promotion of Sports in the African sector’ The webinar was organised in relation to the upcoming Afrosports Writing Contest. This contest is focused on creating contents relating …

African Sports Symposium Webinar flyer

The African Sports Symposium Webinar

The World Economic Forum in an article testified to the powerful influence of sports in bringing about inspiration, sense of team spirit and bonding experience. However, there is a huge content gap on the internet as regards contents on African sports in English and major African Languages. Afrosports is an African sport project organized by …

Open GLAM Advocacy in Plateau State

Free Knowledge Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging content gaps on travel, places, settlements, landmarks, heritage, and tourist sites towards sharing and contributing to global knowledge, carried out an advocacy campaign for Open GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) across different Cultural Heritage Institutions within Plateau State. Four members of the team travelled down …

A discussion with Mr Dantala, leader of the Ndengdeng music group

The Ndengdeng Cultural Music Group

The Free Knowledge Africa team met with the leader of the Ndengdeng cultural music group in the person of Mr Dantala, as part of the open GLAM advocacy campaign in Plateau State. Ndengdeng Music is more of a philosophy. This was the opening statement made by Mr Dantala as we discussed the uniqueness of the …

Free Knowledge Africa team members with a native at Pilgani

The Tarok Tribe of Plateau State

Free Knowledge Africa paid a visit to Plateau State in North Central Nigeria as part of its awareness advocacy campaign on the importance of documenting cultural heritage. The team visited the Tarok tribe to document the oral history of the tribe. The Tarok tribe in Plateau State are predominantly located in Gunnung Village, Pilgani, in …

Impact of open access on free knowledge

Impact of Open Access on Knowledge and Information

Open access can simply be put as knowledge and information that is digital, online, free in terms of cost and copyright restrictions. Consent to open access can be manifested by adopting the use of the Creative Commons licenses, and other types of open content licenses could also be adopted. According to the Budapest Open Access …

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