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Breaking Boundaries: Open Licensing Fueling Innovation,  Education, Science, Technology and Cultural Preservation Worldwide.

In a world where knowledge knows no borders and collaboration transcends geographical constraints, a powerful force has emerged – open licensing. This unassuming concept has ignited a wildfire of innovation, education, science, technology, and cultural preservation that spans across continents and cultures.  During our last month webinar we discussed extensively on the topic: “Breaking Boundaries: …

Nigerian alphabets

Nigerian Languages going extinct

Language is one of the most beautiful and important aspects of every culture. It provides people with a unique ability to communicate with one another. This will build relationships and create a sense of community, togetherness, and oneness. Many Nigerian languages have these uniqueness in their pronunciations, spellings and intonations. Cause for concern It has …

A discussion with Mr Dantala, leader of the Ndengdeng music group

The Ndengdeng Cultural Music Group

The Free Knowledge Africa team met with the leader of the Ndengdeng cultural music group in the person of Mr Dantala, as part of the open GLAM advocacy campaign in Plateau State. Ndengdeng Music is more of a philosophy. This was the opening statement made by Mr Dantala as we discussed the uniqueness of the …

Free Knowledge Africa team members with a native at Pilgani

The Tarok Tribe of Plateau State

Free Knowledge Africa paid a visit to Plateau State in North Central Nigeria as part of its awareness advocacy campaign on the importance of documenting cultural heritage. The team visited the Tarok tribe to document the oral history of the tribe. The Tarok tribe in Plateau State are predominantly located in Gunnung Village, Pilgani, in …

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