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Africa Open Biodiversity Project

The Africa Open Biodiversity Campaign is designed to document and preserve African biodiversity on Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. We invite you to join us in this mission to protect Africa’s unique and valuable biodiversity. One way to get involved is through our photography contest. Whether you are an amateur or a …

Nigeria Expedition

Nigeria Expedition

The Nigeria Expedition is a project to promote travel information and tourism in Nigeria by improving existing and creating new articles about cities, villages, geographical areas, regions, churches, monasteries, buildings, schools on the English Wikipedia and English Wikivoyage. The contest held in the month of July 2021. 105 articles created 374 articles improved Metrics and stats from …

Copyright and Licenses Campaign

The Copyright & Licenses Campaign is a social media advocacy project on copyright and open licenses to educate and enlighten Nigerians on the nature of copyright, application of open licenses, sharing creative works and how to use open licensed works. The project explained the concept of copyright, its characteristics, duration and limitations within the context …

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