Open Unveiling: A Practical Session for Mastery of Wikimedia Commons and CC Licenses.” (Webinar)

Do you want to unlock the full potential of Wikimedia Commons and harness the power of Creative Commons licenses? If so, you’re in for a treat! Last month, we had a thrilling webinar, “Open Unveiling: A Practical Session for Mastery of Wikimedia Commons and CC Licenses.” 

In today’s digital age, the sharing and dissemination of knowledge are more accessible than ever before. Wikimedia Commons, a treasure trove of freely usable media files, and Creative Commons licenses, a revolutionary framework for content sharing and collaboration, have democratized the way we access, use, and contribute to open knowledge. 

Our webinar was designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering a practical session to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate Wikimedia Commons and understand the ins and outs of Creative Commons licenses. 

At the beginning of the webinar we explored how to contribute and navigate through this amazing community driven platform; Wikimedia Commons, like how to upload pictures  or videos  using the correct licensing. 

We also went further to show and explain how to give attribution  in research  papers, visual media, videos and  music, books, artworks and photograph.

Emphasis was laid on choosing the right Creative commons licenses and attribution for your own creations. 

And in this session of our monthly webinar we would be having  Dr Helen Chuma-Okoro (Research Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) speak to us.

Theme: Open Sharing: The Nigerian Copyright Act of 2022

Date: Saturday,  23rd September 2023.

Time: 12pm.

You’ll be able to gain insights into freedom of panorama, and how this progressive legislation strengthens copyright protection, fosters collaboration,  and promotes open sharing of creative works. 

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