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Launching the ‘Explore Nigeria 2024’ Campaign

‘Unveiling Nigeria: Explore, Contribute, Celebrate!’

Fellow travel enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our much-anticipated campaign, ‘Explore Nigeria 2024.’ 

Nigeria is a beautiful country with great people and offers countless destinations worth exploring for people who are travel enthusiasts. With over 200 million people, Nigeria is the most populous African country. Nigeria is a tapestry of enchanting landscapes, from the rolling hills of Obudu to the breathtaking beaches of Lagos, also we are blessed with awe-inspiring natural wonders, including the majestic Erin Ijesha Waterfall and the diverse wildlife of Yankari National Park. However, there needs to be more information detailing these tourist attractions and travel destinations online. This is why we are embarking on this campaign.

The Explore Nigeria Campaign aims to bridge the current content gap concerning notable landmark areas. We call on hospitality, travel and tourism students who will help provide their knowledge on landmark locations and tourist destinations. Also, create and enhance content about travel destinations on Wikivoyage.

Contents will include:

  • Cities.
  • Towns.
  • Villages.
  • Geographical regions.
  • Phrasebooks.
  • Itineraries.

Who Should Participate

  • Travel and tourism professionals who can bring their high level of knowledge, interest, and experience to the table in enhancing the content on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage, respectively.
  • Travels and tourism enthusiasts.
  • Wikipedia and Wikivoyage contributors.

PS: There would be training sessions for newbies.

Why Participate

  • Your contributions will increase African-generated content about the continent’s travel destinations on the web.
  • You will help create awareness and interest among the general public about the project and create visibility of the African tourism sector on Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  • Help propagate the need to create more content about tourism that promotes the culture, history, and heritage of our people.

The campaign will start on January 15th 2024  and end on February 28th 2024. We are also looking to collaborate with Educational institutions, media outlets, local tourism boards, and relevant government agencies.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of Nigeria together. Join us to enhance the online presence of Nigeria’s travel destinations, promoting the country’s diverse cities, towns, villages, geographical regions, landmarks, and cultural heritage sites. Wikivoyage is the ultimate travel guide that aims to give tourists a refreshing evolution and complete experience. Come join us this January in The Explore Nigeria Campaign on Wikivoyage. There are amazing prizes to be won.

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