Call for Writers

Call for Writers: Unveiling Africa’s Rich and Vibrant Festivals

Africa has been called a lot of things: A jungle, a desert, a forest of wildlife. Some say Africans speak ‘Africa’ as a language, others even regard the whole of Africa as a country.

And it’s sad because we know that Africa is much more than that. We know that our precious continent is more than her history of slavery and years of colonialism. Africa is a beautiful continent with vast and diverse cultures and ethnic groups.

Free Knowledge Africa is a Non-profit Organization in Nigeria that is committed to bridging the content gap on the internet as regards content relating to Africa and we re-write most of the misconceptions and stereotypes people have about our great continent.

Over the years in a bid to achieve this mission, we have carried out a series of projects showcasing our continent one of which is the Explore Africa contest which aims to bridge the content gap that currently exists concerning notable landmark areas. Another project is the Afrosport project which is targeted at increasing awareness about African sports, games, and African sportspeople.

Now, we intend to showcase Africa in another unique way and we are calling on all Africans who share our vision of conserving and celebrating Africa’s rich cultural heritage to join us in this Book Project.
This book which will be an Anthology will feature stories of different African cultures, festivals, and ways of life.

This is an opportunity to showcase the uniqueness and diversity of African cultures, our history, our languages, dressings, foods, and festivals. Join us on this literary adventure and submit short fictional stories on unique festivals in your African communities.

There are a few guidelines to follow when submitting your stories
  1. Choose a significant festival from your part of Africa.
  2. Craft a compelling short story highlighting the festival’s cultural significance.
  3. The stories submitted should be original and unpublished works only.
  4. The stories should be between 1000 to 1500 words
  5. Submit your masterpiece for review.

If you’re interested in joining us on this project to have your story published with other amazing stories written by African storytellers,

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